With Account Updater, it’s a




Seamless payments. Happy customers. Increased Authorizations.

It costs 7 times more to get a new customer than to keep a current one.1 So every time you find a way to better service your customers, you win. That’s why we’re happy to announce Account Updater. It’s a simple way to keep your customers’ card-on-file information updated to help ensure you keep getting paid—and your customers keep receiving services. With Account Updater, you just keep winning.

Top 5 ways you can win with Account Updater:


Automatic, monthly cardholder updates mean more authorization approvals on your Customer Information Manager (CIM) profiles and your Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) subscriptions, helping to avoid declines and unnecessary payment interruptions.


Happy customers improve customer retention and loyalty (and sales). No payment disruptions or manual updates help to reduce customer friction and the chances of cancellations or non-payment.


Reduces the costs associated with individually contacting customers to obtain their updated information. Your time is better spent focusing on building your business, rather than having to individually contact each customer and manually update their data.


No update. No charge. You only pay per update. On average, 20-35% of cards update in the first month using Account Updater, with only 7-8% each month after. But in the long run, at only $0.25 per update, your savings should far outweigh the costs.


Easy-to-read reports summarize which cards were updated and why, the type of card, and whether the account was closed. For your convenience, you can view these reports in the Merchant Interface or using the API.

Sign up for Account Updater today. No update. No charge.
Signing up for Account Updater is easy. Simply log into the Merchant Interface and click Account Updater under the Tools section. Then follow the prompts from there!

Account Updater is only available for Visa and Mastercard transactions and for use with card-on-file solutions, such as Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) and Customer Information Manager (CIM). Please see our Account Updater FAQs for more information.

1 http://marketeer.kapost.com/customer-acquisition-versus-customer-retention/